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Cigar Lounge

Our Cigar Lounge is without doubt one of the most exclusive spaces in the country!


Luxurious Original leather Chesterfield couches and interesting and original art works makes this a space to relax, decompress and indulge. The specially engineered ventilation system in the cigar lounge extracts large volumes of air from the room and expels it outside while creating a subtle vacuum that draws fresh air into the room from the restaurant. This ensures that not only does smoke not escape into the restaurant but one can enjoy ones cigar without the overwhelmingly stuffy interior.


Select your Fine Cigar from our specially humidity controlled walk-in humidor, constructed from the finest Spanish Cedar wood, where we stock a wide range of hand celected sticks. For our VIP clients, there is the option of renting your own private, cedar wood rack, temperature controlled, storage locker on an annual basis - complete with your name on the door if you so desire!

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